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Zoom With Santa!

The Deaf Santa - Video Call

Santa calls from his workshop to check in and say hi!

Service Description

Do a video call with Santa! Calls can be made via FaceTime, Zoom or VideoPhone. Video calls are for ASL clients only as Santa can only communicate via ASL. Note: most of these methods will reveal Santa’s real name, so care needs to be given to not let the kids see the name so that the impression of a “Real Santa” isn’t diminished. How the pricing works: The Deaf Santa does not require a mandatory charge for his services/appearances, but he does ask that you consider donating the amount indicated, in order to reimburse him for his time (getting into/out of character takes a while, plus set-up time and time for the call itself, etc), wear/tear on his suit & props, etc. While he perfectly understands that not everyone can afford it, and is more than happy to serve his community, he also deeply appreciates donations/tips.

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