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Handwritten Letter From Santa
  • Handwritten Letter From Santa


    Recieve a letter from Santa! The premium edition of the letter is a 4x6 card on antique paper, and comes in a matching antique envelope. Each letter is hand-written with a fountain pen, and can be fully customized with your own words, or you can provide Santa with a few details and he will write a note in his words. The premium version of Santa's letter uses much more realistic antique paper and envelope, with a rich texture, and is sealed with an actual wax seal.


    Although you will specify what you would like written in the letter, most letters get some modifications. If the modifications are more than minor tweaks here and there, Santa will contact you for approval of the modifications. Also, Santa may follow up with you for more specifics on the letter as well as clarifications as needed, so keep an eye on your email.


    NOTE: If you wish to have Santa write a longer letter (more than 500 characters), please place your order and follow it up with an email to with what you'd like in the letter.

    • Shipping

      Shipping is included in the cost for US orders. Flat rate of $5 for international orders.

    • Payment Options

      Please click on "Manual Payment" when checking out to see all of our available payment options!

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