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Experience Christmas Spirit with Santa Claus in ASL!

Experience true equal access to Santa Claus in a way you’ve never seen before. Deaf children deserve to have access to Santa with true, fluent ASL. Not only that, they deserve to see Santa in a way that inspires true Christmas Spirit, and is so believable as the real deal that even the parents will be asking for what they want for Christmas!

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About The Deaf Santa

The Deaf Santa has been filling in for Santa Claus  since 2016, helping him fulfill the needs of deaf children in Colorado as Santa begins to ramp up his operations in preparation for Christmas season. 

Deaf Santa, otherwise known as Todd Barker when he is not busy spreading Christmas Cheer, occupies his free time by working as a truck driver (even his truck is bright red!). Todd works throughout the week and is home on weekends. He has been to 47 out of 50 states in America. (Rhode Island, Hawaii, and Alaska, if you were wondering…)

With each passing Christmas season, Todd has taken his task as filling Santa’s shoes very seriously. His suit has seen multiple upgrades and modifications over the first four years. In 2021, the community rallied together and helped raise enough funds to help Todd acquire a brand new suit and accessories that will truly bring his representation of Santa even closer to the real deal. This suit will be debuted in the 2021 Christmas season. 

Todd’s performances have been superior and excellent, and his appearances are always wildly popular and in demand. He takes the powerful and sensitive nature of his role very seriously, and works hard to inspire love, joy, happiness, peace, and magic in the hearts of children and adults alike. 

Services available as The Deaf Santa vary, including large public events, private events, custom in-home visits, corporate events, as well as video calls. He is open to any requests or suggestions, and is always looking to expand!

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Santa does not require payment for his appearances, so he depends on donations to fund his activities and expenses. Please consider supporting him using any of your preferred methods!

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